HeadStart Education Centre

About Us  

We provide schooling for Muslim children of pre-school and primary years as well as having after school and weekend classes for all.

Headstart uses the National Curriculum as a guide for the mainstream subjects such as Maths, English and Science. However we are not bound to follow the National Curriculum and therefore adjustments are made, where required, to ensure consistency with the Islamic Ethos of the Centre. Non-curriculam subjects such as Qur’an, Hifz, Arabic, and Islamic Studies are a part of our daily activities and standards for these are in line with that of Islamic schools.

We are recognised by Ofsted as an alternative to school “A Education Centre!”. ‘Our organisation is unique and possibly the first of its kind in the London area!’.

Our primary purpose is educating children within an Islamic framework to ensure development in academic, personal and social skills. This form of alternative education can be considered like a part-time school and is legally recognised as other wise education.

Our class sizes are kept small and as a general rule there is a 1:10 teacher/student ratio. This allows children to gain more individual attention than in schools of 30 students per teacher! Manageable class sizes are also beneficial to both high flyers and slow learners.

We have also catered for a significant number of special needs children such as children with dyslexia, behaviour issues and speech difficulties as well as the bright buds of the Ummah, those who are gifted or of high intelligence. Possibly our scholars of tomorrow!